Infor LN

Manage Complexity with INFOR LN, Increase Your Speed

Today, every manufacturing business is faced with the relentless pressures of a global marketplace. Competing in this fast-paced marketplace requires managing more complex supply chains made up of customers and suppliers from around the world. At the same, the accelerating pace of innovation continues to shorten product lifecycles, requiring that every company improve the speed at which they bring new products and services to market.

Globalization and the pace of innovation have stretched existing IT business systems to the breaking point at many manufacturing companies. A disparate IT-landscape pieced together over the last 15 to 20 years based on business process concepts from the 80s simply does not adequately allow companies to manage the complexity of constantly changing global supply chains.To stay competitive, manufacturing companies need applications that allow business processes to be engineered for speed, so that they can be quickly adapted to changing requirements.

Consolidate your Systems, Simplify Integration

In order to implement innovations quickly and get succes in business and information Technologies, Companies should prefer moving to ready made package applications which standardize these by combining and simplifying information systems of global operations.

Infor LN is a next generation Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, that is specialized by industry and optimized for complex, global operations. With Infor LN, you’ll gain faster time to value and increase agility so you can out-complete the market based on speed.

Standardize Processes Using Proven Industry Practices

The only way of managing the complexity and increase the speed of operation is consolidate and simplify your IT environment. Standardization of your systems, all the information and processes of Infor LN that provides the best industry practices, are supplied with the standard product.The alternative solutions have an “implementation of all solutions provide" perspective, while Infor LN goal-oriented solution with industry best practices Industrial Manufacturing, Equipment, Automotive, High Tech, Aerospace, Defense, Distribution for sectors such as industry-specific solutions with offers.

Infor LN unique about your own industry solution is compatible with your requests. By taking advantage of the best industry practices with Infor LN, you can produce quick solutions to your changing business needs.

Deliver Operational Excellence

Origin of many ERPs are mostly financial or human resources applications. With this, operational ERP systems has concentrated on automation of support office activities such as accounting, payroll. But these kind of applications are not enough to create solutions for the needs of operation processes of production, supply chain management, project and service life cycle. As a result, efforts like combining sistems, process standardization ends with failure.

Infor LN supports all your critical business processes, yet provides a consumer-grade user experience that provides everything the user needs in one place to address any business challenge.

Gain Confidence with Global Financial Visibility

With Infor LN, you get a real-time, integrated view of financials across your global business, so you can predict financial results with confidence. Closing books is streamlined based on consistent, accurate information derived from a single, integrated system.

You’ll have the tools you need to comply with evolving international accounting standards such as US GAAP, IFRS, and IAS. And you’ll be able to create financial reports that comply with standards, such as XBRL, and create management reports that help you make business decisions with confidence.

Create Low-Cost, Agile Supply Chains

Create lean, demand-driven supply networks that are resilient to disruptions using advanced supply chain practices. Implement a strategic sourcing program to reduce the number of suppliers and eliminate complexity through parts and component standardization. Synchronize supply processes across sites to lower inventory, optimize resource utilization, and improve customer service with Infor LN’s global, multi-site enterprise planning.

Integrate your supplier network with advanced supply chain collaboration capabilities that include vendor managed inventory (VMI), supplier managed inventory, consignment, kanban, just in time (JIT), and supply in line sequence (SILS). Improve delivery performance and lower fulfillment costs with supply chain execution capabilities that include advanced warehouse and freight management, yard management, value added services, cross docking, and direct material supply.

Thrive in a world of mass customization

Leverage Infor LN’s market leading manufacturing capabilities to increase responsiveness and lower costs. Implement lean initiatives and stay in control of subcontracted operations and outsourced manufacturing.

Rely on Infor LN to make the transition from a make-to-stock (MTS) to a make-to-order (MTO) strategy and produce non-standard products against actual customer demand.

Deliver on mass customization profitably by taking advantage of Infor’s unique expertise in configure-to-order (CTO), assemble-to-order (ATO), and engineer-to-order (ETO). Configure products to meet individual customer demands, manage complex assembly processes, and enable engineer-to-order strategies with project-based manufacturing and integrated product design and engineering.