Who is Infor?

INFOR is the third largest enterprise application developer software company. Its products are used highly in first 8 out of 10 aircraft companies, in first 80 of 100 automotive companies, in first 9 out of 10 technology companies, in first 9 out of 10 medicine companies, in first 19 out of 35 distributers and in many other sectors. Infor gives service with its softwares to 7000 machine manufacturers, 1100 textile companies, 3000 financial services companies and 1100 national and local public enterprises.

INFOR globally works as industrially focused. Gives service in 25 different markets. Within infor 2300 programmer works for application development. Infor is sold, serviced and supported in more than 200 countries with its solution partners. It gives support to 25 different horizontal markets. In product development 2400 consultants and experts works. Infor has 1745 partners, 12700 employees and 1680 support personnel. In short Infor is one of the world’s biggest and the most powerfull software suppliers.

Global Scale

Infor supplies the advantages of working with a global company while having the local expertise. Infor has more than 73.000 customers, 153 direct offices in 41 countries and represented in more than 200 countries.

Why Infor?

With an increasing customer satisfaction and rising success graphic, in order to generate a measurable structure to answer the needs of companies for some certain regulations, in companies in all units and in every stage of the supply chain processes Infor has designed Infor ERP LN.

Global companies such as Flextronics, Boeing, Snap-on, Liebherr, Kongsberg and Greif is using Infor ERP LN as a global ERP System for operational excellence and agility. Organizations like Ferrari, Nilfisk-Advance, Cargotec, Siemens, Raytheon and DWT Group is supporting independent units’, areas’ or factories’ core project, manufacturing, supply chain and service operations with Infor LN as part of a two layered ERP strategy.

In every part of the world thousands of midsized companies like Physik Instrumente, The Belden Brick Company, Thrane & Thrane, PRIDE Industries, Holmatro, Promethean, Neways, RTC and Heinze Kunststofftechnik reach operational excellence and agility with low cost of ownership. You too join these industry leaders by using Infor LN as a global platform for growth and innovation.