E-Archive is an application that allows invoices which are mandatory to be printed on paper, kept and submitted when required according to Tax Procedure Law, to be prepared electronically, keep second copy of the invoice in electronic environment and allows to submit when required. With e-archive solution you can send your invoices by e-mail and similar methods to your customers who are not amenable to E-Archive and keep the second copy in electronic environment. Thus you leave using and keeping paper invoice.

All invoices of companies who use E-Archive becomes electronic invoice. E-Archive is a structure which allows all kinds of official, legal and commercial invoice to be kept in an electronic environment as legaly acceptable and secure and allows reach these documents easily whenever asked.

First of all tax payers who comply with the solution can get benefit from the application. Also this will be compulsory for the companies who make sales over internet as of 1st of January 2016.

Advantages of E-Archive

• Saving from paper, space, cost and time
• Decreasing storage and archiving costs
• Companies getting rid of to keep paper copies
• To be able to reach all kinds of invoices online over the portal
• To be privaled to process hundreds of invoices at ones with a high performance
• Data security received via electronic signiture and electronic archive
• To be able to monitor invoice and reporting processes
• To be able to e-mail invoice as PDF (Incase of being integrated to payment systems invoice can be e-mailed during shopping)
• When asked, it can be used as a printed official document
• It can be integrated with banks to make fast financial decisions
• People can see their invoices from their mobile sor in their e-mail Accounts when they shopped
• Contribution to the nature and environment

E-Commerce Companies

• This will bring cost advantages to e-commerce companies,
• E-commerce companies will get rid of cost of printing paper invoice,its postage and archiving,
• Before this regulation they were suppossed to keep ivoices in paper environment for 10 years time. After the regulation, now e-commerce companies can keep their e-invoices in elektronic environment,
• This will be very convenient for consumers,
• When people made shopping their invoices will be able to be sent to their mobiles or to their e-mail addresses,
• Sent invoices will be kept as legally valid documentation,
• Credit card sales info would be matched with e-invoice,
• Customers of tax payers can see the issued invoices over the portal
• To be able to send invoice to an e-mail adress as “PDF”
• To be able to use a legally printed document when asked,
• Incase of using as integrated to payment systems, to be able to send invoice directly to the buyers e-mail address instead of printing a receipt,
• To be able to have fast financial options via integration to Banks,